Visa Passport Immigration and Citizenship Photos

All Specifications Size and Requirements of Passport and Visa Photos available

We provide you with photos for passports, visas, immigration, citizenship, driving licenses and identity cards to standard specification.

All passport photos conform to the new internationally agreed biometric standards.

All passport photos can be previewed prior to printing. We won't print until you are happy!

Your passport photos will be ready within just a few minutes while you wait.


Passport, Immigration, Citizenship, and Visa Photos are available for all nationalities. Below are our most commonly requested items:-

    ▪    UK Passport and Visa Photos
    ▪    US Greencard Photos and USCIS and INS Photos
    ▪    US Visa Photos and US Passport Photos
    ▪    Canadian Passport, Immigration,

                 Canadian Visa and Citizenship Photos
    ▪    Greek Passport Photos
    ▪    Australian Passport and Visa Photos
    ▪    Indian Passport Visa and OCI Photos


If you have a requirement not listed, contact us and we will endeavour to assist.


Important: All countries have their own specific requirements for valid passport photos, visas etc, so don't waste precious time getting it wrong and having your photos rejected - we will ensure you have the correct specifications for your country.


However, as a general rule, you should follow these Top 10 Tips:-

    ▪    Head and shoulders photos only are acceptable
    ▪    Background should be plain and normally light gray
    ▪    Wear something over your shoulders - otherwise you will look naked!   
    ▪    Excessive makeup and jewellery are often rejected
    ▪    Passport and Visa photos produced from scanned pictures are unacceptable
    ▪    Some countries do not accept pictures of people in uniform
    ▪    If you wear glasses - ALWAYS take them off
    ▪    Keep straight-faced - smiling is not usually acceptable, look calm and natural
    ▪    Digital retouching to alter or enhance your facial features is forbidden
    ▪    Creased, marked or stapled Passport photos are always unacceptable


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